About Timothy Shonnard

Being born in New Jersey and raised on Long Island, Tim learned early on that work should always be fun, and entertaining. Those lessons came full circle as he began his Pro Photography career shooting Rock Bands live, along with backstage interviews for a number of publications. Capturing Rock Stars in their quiet moments taught him timing and how to Direct on the fly, which brought him to shoot National Lifestyle campaigns for Sprint, and many other companies as they built their marketing Library.

Tim’s 35 + yr. career has evolved with the times and continues to work with an extensive list of local firms and start ups in the ever growing San Francisco Bay area. From Executive Portraits, to the Architecture of the Companies’ Headquarters, and the products they make, Tim’s technical and creative expertise covers a varied skill set necessary in today’s Pro Photography landscape.

The lessons from his early years still resonates with each client he works with… create the highest quality work, all the while making sure the Project is fun, and entertaining for both the clients, and crew members. “ It should never be dull…”

After hours, you can always find Tim BBQ-ing for his wife Cheryl and teen boys… along with coaching and chauffeuring their teens to Baseball & Basketball Tournaments and running Carly, the dog!

“ It is never dull…”